Heitman reports on an exceptionally strong 2016

Bratislava, December 2016

Heitman Real Estate has reported on an impressive display of office leasing activity in Bratislava, with 24,000 sqm of office space leased this year. This success reflects a strong recovery in the Bratislava office rental market after a challenging few years for real estate.  Heitman is one of the biggest owners of office space in Bratislava and owns the premium buildings Aupark Tower, BBC5 and CEOP. The firm increased occupancy within its buildings to 100% during the nine month period, with 70% of Heitman’s leasing contracts coming from renegotiations with existing tenants. “We are absolutely delighted that our offices in Bratislava are at full occupancy” said Guy Speir, Leasing Director at Heitman. “Our success has largely been down to the expertise we bring in asset management, as well as strong demand for office space as the recovery in Bratislava real estate has gathered pace.  Heitman offers quality, landmark buildings and we are active in all areas of property management, constantly evaluating and improving our assets. The key to successful asset management is understanding what occupiers want from their buildings and committing to continually meeting their needs.  The result is a very high renegotiation rate among existing tenants.  We are extremely grateful to our tenants for their continued support and we are very positive about the prospects for 2017“.

Of the 24,000m2 of office space leased in this year, 14 500 m2 came from renegotiation of existing tenants. These companies included, amongst others, AT&T in Aupark Tower. ,,Tenants´ satisfaction with work place depends not only on modern technologies and design of building but also on communication with building owner and property management. Tenants´ needs and opinions are very important to us that is the reason why property management communicate with tenants on daily basis. In cooperation with building owner we do our best to also implement tenants’ ideas expressed. Recently, we finish the redesign of lifts cabins and we setup the lift software system in Aupark Tower in Bratislava according to tenants´ requirements," explained Silvia Bassadin from CBRE that operates all Heitman´s buildings in Bratislava.