Heitman has an excellent 2013 in Slovakia

Bratislava, February 10th, 2014

The figures announced today by Heitman for their 2013 new leases and lease renegotiations on their office portfolio are truly impressive against one of the most challenging years for net new take up in Bratislava.
Last year the company signed new contracts for more than 14,000 square meters of office space across the portfolio. The company increased the occupancy of leased space by over 10 percent across over 85,000sqm of office space owned by the fund manager. At the end of 2012 Heitman adopted a very clear new strategy to leasing and managing of their extensive real estate portfolio in Bratislava. This was based on Heitman being far more local and proactive in approach to leasing and releasing the office space. “A key to our success in 2013 has been the higher visibility of Heitman and our continued personal communication with both current and potential tenants. Our clients deserve special customer care, value for money as well as being in high quality assets located in some of the most desirable addresses in Bratislava. I can confirm we at the Heitman team will not stop with 2013 success and we are now focused on achieving even better results in 2014 as we hope the economies in Europe start to recover,” Guy Speir, Heitman’s Leasing Director stated.

“Heitman has very strong team now in Bratislava. Thanks to our efforts we reached over an 18 % share of all closed transactions while holding over 5 % of the total market share of office space in the city. This means that over every fifth leased square meter of office space in Bratislava was signed by our company," commented Lucia Tranová, leasing manager for Heitman in Slovakia.