Aupark Tower is Close to the Nature

Bratislava, October 2017
In October, a popular Bratislava landmark – Aupark Tower office building – will turn into a forest park at night. The building’s façade will be decorated with a light projection entitled Close to the Nature each night for the whole month of October. Special projection of nature is a creative reference to the building’s BREEAM green certificate and local context of that side of the Danube river bank.

Aupark Tower was granted a green certificate BREEAM In-Use Excellent in two assessed categories, i.e. technical properties and building management. This means that Aupark Tower has joined an elite group of buildings which reflect on sustainability and healthy working environment of their tenants. Based on data provided by the Slovak Green Building Council, there are about 20 office buildings in Bratislava awarded with green certificates BREEAM and LEED at the moment, including BBC5, a building owned by Heitman Real Estate Fund, Aupark Tower owner. Aupark Tower drew attention to the green certificate with a light projection of BREEAM logo back in May. "The aim of the projection is to inspire the public and raise awareness on the importance of eco-friendly solutions on today’s real estate market. This campaign aims to present benefits of green elements not only outside Aupark Tower building, but also in the interior. A good example is a network of vertical terraces which are used as pleasant relax zones while improving microclimatic and aesthetic properties of the building at the same time. This year, we will reconstruct the entrance hall and make it much greener," says Martina Lazarová, Marketing Manager at HEITMAN Real Estate Fund, owner of two buildings awarded with BREEAM certificate – Aupark Tower and BBC5, both located in Bratislava.
Aupark Tower is very close to Sad Janka Kráľa park: "Vicinity to nature and greenery in the interior are important parts of our tenants’ well-being. We want them to feel good. Thanks to the building’s surroundings, tenants can relax in the park, sit or stroll near the Danube river after work or go to work by bike due to the many cycling trails near Aupark Tower," adds Martina Lazarová.