Aupark Tower and BBC5 awarded BREEAM certification

Bratislava, April 2016

Two Heitman owned buildings have joined twenty-one other office buildings in Bratislava to be awarded a prestigious green certificate for sustainable buildings. Aupark Tower and BBC5 have received Very Good in the internationally respected BREEAM certificate. Aupark Tower and BBC5 now belong to a gilded group of the most prominent green buildings in Europe.

"We are delighted that Aupark Tower and BBC5 have been awarded BREEAM certificates” said Lucia Šimeková, Leasing Manager at Heitman in Bratislava. The BREEAM certificates reflect our commitment to continually adding value to our buildings. The Heitman team in Bratislava is dedicated to creating the ideal work environment for tenants, reducing the ecological footprint and managing energy-efficient, high quality, sustainable buildings. New buildings are now designed and built to fulfil the criteria required by green certification. However, this was not the case when Aupark Tower and BBC5 were built and therefore being awarded the BREEAM certificate means a very great deal".

BREEAM assesses the impact a building has on the environment, the quality of indoor areas and the quality of services provided to tenants. The BREEAM certification is linked to building management, administration and the evaluation of a building’s properties. During the process, a team of experts evaluated the buildings’ location, accessibility, energy properties, indoor areas, water piping systems and water and energy consumption. The evaluation process for the Heitman buildings took a year and within the certification they were declared Very Good in two areas; the building's fundamental qualities and the way in which the site is managed.

Commenting on the BREEAM achievement, Guy Speir, Head of Leasing at Heitman, said "In recent years, the industry has seen tenants and investors placing increasing importance on sustainability factors. Rather than it being a regulatory or industry requirement, it is infact tenants themselves who are demanding sustainable buildings. A green accreditation such as the BREEAM certificate is an exceptional acheivement, particularly for existing buildings like Aupark Tower and BBC5, and it is a testament to Heitman’s green credentials and skill as a top class asset manager“.

What is BREEAM?
Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is one of the most respected and complex assessment systems in real estate, assessing the impact buildings have on the environment. BREEAM sets standards for best practice in the area of sustainable design, construction and the operation of buildings. It provides a wide range of assessment levels based on energetic and environmental criteria and categories. Categories include energy and water, indoor areas (health and comfort), toxic substances, traffic, materials, waste, the use of soil, ecology and management processes. BREEAM was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1990 and since then over 50 countries have been using the system to evaluate commercial buildings. For more information see